Traditional Make Up...

In Studio Rates ( Monday-Saturday )

$95 ——Full Face with MINK strip lashes ($5 additional for bottom lashes)

$70 —— Full Face with strip lashes ($5 additional for bottom lashes)

$65 —— Full Face (without Lashes)

$50 —— Eyes, Brows, and Lashes ($5 additional for bottom lashes)

$45 —— Eyes and Brows

$15 —— Brow Fill

$35 —— Brows and Lashes

$15 —— Lashes (strips)

$25 —— Mink (strip)

$30-$100 —— Tattoo Covering (regular foundation/concealer)

$10 —— additional for glitter

Body Painting...

$300 starting price for Basic Designs (anything over 4 hours will be an additional $50 an hour)

Air Brush...

$200—- Full Face

$50-$100—- Tattoo Covering


$175—- 2 hour session

*Included with the lesson will be a complimentary lip-gloss and lipstick

Halloween/Special FX...

$150 Inspired Character

$200 – $300 Character Transformation

$350 and up depending on the detail and product usage for face and body

Day Rate...

Day Rate

$1200 (8 hour day) Music Videos, Commercials, TV. Show etc. for one person. Any additional person will be $50 each. If Artist exceed /work over 8 hours will be an additional $50 per hour.

Bridal Rates


Traditional Makeup Bride

$250 Full makeup application, contouring/highlighting, mink (strip)lashes, full size lip-gloss, lipstick, lip liner, blot powder, brush makeup removal wipes)


Bridesmaids, Mother of Bride/Groom etc

$70 Full makeup application, contouring/highlighting, striplashes


Air Brush Makeup

$450 (full makeup application, contouring/highlighting, mink (strip) lashes, full size lip-gloss, lipstick, lip liner, blot powder, brush and makeup removal wipes)

*If airbrush makeup is requested for bridal party as well, the rate will be $150 per person (full makeup application and lashes)


Additional Services/Touch Ups

$500 (before walking down the aisle and at the beginning of the reception)

Sunday’s rates/schedule

$80  full makeup application with lashes (strip)
$105  full makeup application with mink lashes (strip)
ON LOCATION $150 full face with lashes (strip) $175 full face with
mink lashes (strip)

The Ultimate ATPMUA Experience

  • $600 ($1,050 value)
  • Booking Hours are from 8am-8pm
  • Services are in studio only
  • 15 full makeup applications with or without lashes (strip) for one
  • Dates of your choice, if available (may exclude some holidays)
  • The rate must be paid in full by the 5th of the month via the ATPMUA website under the payments tab or in cash or credit card at ATPMUA Studio.
  • After payment is made, forward all15 requested dates to or 504-316-2447

out of studio/on location

Traditional Make Up (Monday-Friday)
$135 Full face/lashes
$150 Full face with MINK lashes


$20 New Orleans and surrounding areas .45 per mile round trip outside of the city/New Orleans area up to 6 hours of travel time.

  • A $20 deposit is mandatory to reserve your appointment date and time.
  • A 3% additional fee will be added to all credit card transactions.
  • A $20 additional fee will be applied to appointments scheduled before 8a.m. and after 9 pm
  • Holiday rates will vary at artist discretion (i.e new years, mardi gras easter, Memorial Day, Independence day, labor day thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • All final payments for services are due the day of the scheduled appointment, no exceptions.
  • Appointments scheduled the day of will be an additional $10 for the short notice


Additional fees

$20 appointments set before 8 a.m. and/or if the artist has to travel before 8 a.m.